Fund Friends of TADA

TADA (short for ToekomstATELIERdelAvenir) is committed to reducing educational inequality and creating a more inclusive society.


By creating awareness and taking action. We do this in the first place in our weekend school, where vulnerable young people discover all kinds of professions and future perspectives during workshops given by passionate professionals. Research shows that youth who followed TADA’s weekend school are three times less likely than youth from similar backgrounds to drop out of high school.

After 3 years of weekend school, the teenagers become members of the alumni network. Through additional activities and coaching, we ensure TADA's impact on the long run and see how the youngsters develop into role models who themselves give back to society.

Finally, TADA encourages all adults to think and act in an inclusive way. Among other things via workshops, online knowledge sharing, contacts with the press and politicians, speeches, you name it. And, of course, also through volunteer work in the weekend school.

Since 2012, some 1,700 children have started a three-year discovery and learning programme at Tada. Without your donation, not 250 children would be able to start in one of our five schools each year. So thank you for keeping this learning network going and growing!  

Everyone can get involved with us. Whether it's for a birthday supporting a good cause, a sports challenge, a fundraising event in memory of a loved one... the important thing is to participate!

Would you like to join us?